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Most lecture courses take place in Michaelmas Term and written examinations take place in early Lent Term, but other course work is carried out throughout the year.

Although most lecture courses take place during the University term dates (see table below), written assignment and project-related work is carried out outside these dates. Students are required to be resident in Cambridge (unless working on a designated project placement) for the duration of the course, and are expected to participate in all mandatory course activities outside the periods of Cambridge Terms.

 MPhil Course Diary (2022-2023 Cohort)

Induction 3 October 2022
Mock exams 5-9 December 2022
Live written examination papers 9-13 January 2023
Progress review/mid-term assessments 31 May 2023
Viva Voce Examination 21 August - 1 September 2023
Final Examiners Meeting 6 September 2023


MPhil submission deadlines (2022-2023 Cohort)

List of taught courses 3 October 2022 - 9:00 am
Final exam choices 7 November 2022 - noon
Written assignments 13 March 2023 - noon
Project progress report 19 May 2023 - noon
Dissertation 18 August 2023 - noon


Term Dates


Please note that the MPhil course does not follow the University term dates. This is an intensive one-year course which runs from October to September and examinable elements will be held during 'out of term' periods.

For your information, you can find the Cambridge University term dates here:


Note that the information contained in this Handbook is correct at the time of going to the press but may change during the year. You are advised to check the course website and Google calendar regularly for up-to-date information.

We keep an updated live version of the timetable on Google calendar which the students have access to. It is shared with everyone in the  University of Cambridge. If you cannot see the calendar below, please follow the instructions to access Google Apps @ Cambridge.