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Dr Anita Faul

Dr Anita Faul

Course lecturer

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 337273


Anita Faul came to Cambridge after studying two years in Germany. She did Part II and Part III Mathematics at Churchill College, Cambridge. Since these are only two years, and three years are necessary for a first degree, she does not hold one. However, this was followed by a PhD on the Faul-Powell Algorithm for Radial Basis Function Interpolation. She then worked on the Relevance Vector Machine with Mike Tipping at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Ten years in industry followed where she worked on various algorithms on mobile phone networks, image processing and data visualization. She provides mathematical consultancy via Silhouette Solutions Limited. In teaching she enjoys to bring out the underlying, connecting principles of algorithms which is the emphasis of a book on Numerical Analysis she is writing.

Key Publications

  • "A Krylov subspace algorithm for multiquadric interpolation in many dimensions", co-authors G. Goodsell and M.J.D. Powell, published in IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2005).
  • "Fast marginal likelihood maximisation for sparse Baysian models" co-author M. Tipping, published in Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics(2003).
  • "Analysis of Sparse Bayesian Learning", co-author M. Tipping, published in Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 14 (2002).
  • "A variational approach to robust regression", co-author M. Tipping, published in the Proceedings of ICANN'01.
  • "Proof of convergence of an iterative technique for thin plate spline interpolation in two dimensions", co-author M.J.D. Powell, published in Advances in Computational Mathematics, Vol. 11.
  • "Krylov subspace methods for radial basis function interpolation", co-author M.J.D. Powell, published in Numerical Analysis, (1999).
  • "Iterative techniques for radial basis function interpolation", Ph.D. thesis.