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Mr Diego Oliveira Sanchez

Mr Diego Oliveira Sanchez

MPhil student 2013-14


I grew up in A Estrada, in the north west of Spain. I started my studies on Physics at "Universidad Autónoma de Madrid" in Spain in 2009 and finished on Imperial College London on 2013 through an Erasmus scholarship. I Enrolled the MPhil in Scientific Computing at the University of Cambridge in 2013. My current research is sponsored by British Petroleum and involves optimising oil localisation/extraction in areas of North Canada through simulations and analysis using C++ and high performance computing methods.

Key Publications

  1. D. Oliveira, Evidence for time dilation by measuring the cosmic ray muon lifetime and average speed, The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics. Status: Submitted (Aug, 2013). Link:

  2. M. Richards, D. Oliveira, Replacement of static grid by mobile network in pollution monitoring application, The Wireless Sensor Network, Status: Finished my part; to be submitted (Nov, 2013). Link: