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Programming for power-efficient computing

This course introduces programming for power efficient computing as an important skill in today's computing landscape. The course will introduce students to today's computing landscape with an overview of various computer hardware and software technologies and a comparison between these. This will be followed by an introduction to a number of high level and low level techniques for power-efficient computing. The course will then introduce the new era of mobile computing and Internet-of-Things. Following this, it will present specific technologies in more detail namely: graphics processors, multicore processors with SIMD extensions, and server and high performance computer architectures.

The course will cover the following topics: -

  • Computing Landscape: An Overview of Hardware and Software Technologies
  • Programming for power-efficient computing : High Level techniques
  • Programming for power-efficient computing : Low Level techniques
  • Mobile Computing and Internet-of-Things: Hardware and Software Technologies
  • Graphics Processors: Hardware and Software Technologies
  • Server and High Performance Computing: Hardware and Software Technologies
  • Multicore Processing with SIMD Extensions