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Course Lecturers

Dr Anita Faul (Cambridge)

Dr Anita Briginshaw


Anita Faul came to Cambridge after studying two years in Germany. She did Part II and Part III Mathematics at Churchill College, Cambridge. Since these are only two years, and three years are necessary for a first degree, she does not hold one. However, this was followed by a PhD on the Faul-Powell Algorithm for Radial Basis Function Interpolation under the supervision of Professor Mike Powell. She then worked on the Relevance Vector Machine with Mike Tipping at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Ten years in industry followed where she worked on various algorithms on mobile phone networks, image processing and data visualization. Current projects are on machine learning techniques. In teaching she enjoys to bring out the underlying, connecting principles of algorithms which is the emphasis of a book on Numerical Analysis she is writing. She has another life, and it definitely feels like another life, as mother of three.

Professor Alan O'Neill (Reading)


Alan is a professor at the University of Reading, where he is Director of Research for the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. He was the academic lead in setting up at Reading the Institute of Environmental Analytics, the role of which is to translate scientific research based on Earth Observation data into wider benefits for society. He was the founding director of the UK's National Centre for Earth Observation and also the founding director of the Data Assimilation Research Centre, which aims to develop ways to synthesise EO data with Earth System Models. He is an atmospheric scientist by training, and spent his early research years working at the UK Met Office, where he led a group that used satellite data to understand the dynamics of the stratospheric circulation. He has recently served as Chair of ESA's Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC), and will be a Visiting Professor in the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, from October 2015.

Mr Georgios Pilikos (Cambridge)

Mr Georgios PilikosBiography:

Georgios is a PhD student at the Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LSC) under the supervision of Dr Anita Faul funded by BP. His current research interests include Bayesian Inference, Compressive Sensing and Unsupervised Feature Learning. Before joining the LSC, he received an MEng in Information Engineering from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. There, he worked on human detection and tracking in video using Support Vector Machines. He is interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence in general and in large-scale algorithmic implementation using CUDA for GPGPUs.