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The Centre for Scientific Computing


List of frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please email your query to


What funding is available to me?

For any queries regarding funding, including which funding is available to you, what the rates are and what it will cover, please visit or email

If you are applying for the CDT in Computational Methods for Materials Science, some of the projects linked to the programme are funded (see the project description for details), while others aren't; however, possible funding (and new projects) may arise at any time during the academic year, therefore a funded project may be offered to you later on in the admissions cycle based on your preferences, skills and background.

Application queries

Is my background suitable for applying to the course?

We are unable to comment on someone’s suitability until we have received a full application. A description of our academic requirements can be found here.

Can I apply for the MPhil, and later decide to continue as CDT?

These are two separate programmes; however, you may apply for the MPhil, and then follow with a PhD.

What types of ‘samples of work’ are acceptable?

Any sample of work which is relevant to your application would be acceptable. It would be ideal if this were a written sample and a problem set. It could be work completed as part of an undergraduate degree or a project developed independently.

How many ‘research interests’ should I list and how specific should they be?

It would be helpful if you could list as many areas of interest as possible. They don't have to be very specific, unless it is relevant to your application.

Do I need to list a potential supervisor?

You may list one or more preferred supervisors on your application form, however this is not mandatory. If no supervisor is listed or your preferred supervisor is not available, we will do our best to assign you someone who is suitable to your background.

Where can I find available projects for the CDT?

You can find some funded (four years fees and maintenance) and unfunded (meaning they do not come with funding attached, but funding can still be obtained through the University Funding Competition or Departmental funding, or others types of funding, potentially) projects here: Projects and supervisors

Please be aware that there may be other projects available which are not listed on the website (or will be advertised at a different time in the academic year), which will be agreed with you at a later stage; you may also suggest another/your own project on your application.

Where can I find available projects for the MPhil?

You can find a list of available MPhil projects here: MPhil Research Projects

If you cannot find something suitable or you are not sure which project to choose, please state which research areas you are interested in and we will do our best to direct your application to a relevant supervisor. If you are accepted on the course, you will agree a project with your supervisor upon commencement of the course.

What kind of ‘programming experience’ do you require?

Some prior experience of programming is necessary for the course, but no particular language is required. So long as you have some understanding of a language that is used within scientific computing, such as C++, Fortran, Python or Matlab, this should be sufficient. We will be offering courses on other programming languages.

Do applicants need to have a Master's Degree in order to be accepted on the CDT programme?

Although most of our applicants have a Master's Degree, this is not a mandatory minimum requirement and there have been successful applicants without a Master's. To find out what our minimum requirements are, please visit this link:


Language requirements

Do I need to take a language test?

If you are a non-native speaker and haven’t been living in an English-speaking country for the last three years, you will likely need evidence of your competence in English. Please visit this page to assess whether you have a language requirement:

Which tests do you accept and what are the minimum scores?

Details of accepted Language Tests and minimum scores can be found here:

I didn’t meet one or more of the minimum scores on my Language Test, what can I do now?

Please get in touch with the Graduate Admissions Office for advice: