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The Centre for Scientific Computing



I am a first year student in the joint Scientific Computing MPhil and PhD at the University of Cambridge. I have completed my undergraduate studies with an M.Sci in Natural Sciences in the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge. As a part of M.Sci thesis I worked on computer simulations of phase-change materials used for non-volatile computer memory in the Chemical Physics Group of Prof Stephen Elliott. My current research hinges on making use of the large amount of DFT data in a Machine Learning approach. The goal is to obtain a hierarchy of faithful empirical potentials with techniques developed by the Csányi group in the Department of Engineering. This will allow more detailed study of this system within larger and longer simulations. If the process proves to be robust and reliable it may be the basis for high-throughput simulation of such materials with figures of merit being calculated quickly and reliably from these simulations. The phase-change materials that I’m investigating are a serious candidate for non-volatile computer memory, they are capable of both storage and processing of information and are naturally well suited for “brain-like”, neuromorphic computing. They could be an important part of fast, reliable, energy-efficient electronic devices, they may bridge the gaps in the current memory hierarchy improving the performance of our computers and smartphones and may also shed light on the way our brains process information in parallel networks.

CDT student 2014-15
Mr Felix  Mocanu
Not available for consultancy