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The Centre for Scientific Computing

Computation is an essential element of every branch of science and technology over the next decade, driven by the vast amount of experimental data requiring analysis, and the need for increasingly realistic simulations of ever more complex systems.

Computational science is now being perceived as a core skill that is crucial to the construction of theories and models at a new conceptual level and therefore to the progress of many scientific agendas.

There is a high demand for computer-literate science graduates across all areas of industry (significantly so in life sciences, technology and engineering) but the availability of suitably-trained candidates is low.

The University’s Centre for Scientific Computing is an ambitious response to the growing demand to develop more quantitative approaches in all areas of scientific research. Cambridge offers enormous scope for extending the benefits of computation across the whole of science and technology. The co-location of many world-leading researchers in almost every area of science, combined with outstanding computational facilities, encourages and widens the interdisciplinary collaboration for which the University is renowned.