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I grew up in A Estrada, in the north west of Spain. I started my studies on Physics at "Universidad Autónoma de Madrid" in Spain in 2009 and finished on Imperial College London on 2013 through an Erasmus scholarship. I Enrolled the MPhil in Scientific Computing at the University of Cambridge in 2013. My current research is sponsored by British Petroleum and involves optimising oil localisation/extraction in areas of North Canada through simulations and analysis using C++ and high performance computing methods.


Key publications: 
  1. D. Oliveira, Evidence for time dilation by measuring the cosmic ray muon lifetime and average speed, The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics. Status: Submitted (Aug, 2013). Link:

  2. M. Richards, D. Oliveira, Replacement of static grid by mobile network in pollution monitoring application, The Wireless Sensor Network, Status: Finished my part; to be submitted (Nov, 2013). Link: 

MPhil student 2013-14
Mr Diego  Oliveira Sanchez
Not available for consultancy