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The Centre for Scientific Computing



I am a student at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Computational Methods for Materials Science in Cambridge. I am currently in my first year as an MPhil student in Scientific Computing under the supervision of Dr Gábor Csányi from the Department of Engineering. I graduated with a BSc in Physics from Heidelberg University, Germany in 2013 and with a MASt (Master of Advanced Study) in Physics from the University of Cambridge in 2014.

During my first master’s degree, I worked on an atomistic analytical description of the bulk and shear modulus of soft amorphous solids. My current research aims to understand the temperature driven phase transition in titanium with an atomistic approach using the relatively recently proposed nested sampling algorithm. With this understanding, we hope to make possible further work to gain insight into shape memory alloys and their superelasticity (in particular the alloy nickel titanium, also known as nitinol). Nitinol is very biocompatible and therefore used in many medical applications. However, many other fields of applications exist ranging from eyeglass frames to planes.

CDT student 2014-15
Mr Martin  Schlegel
Not available for consultancy