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The Centre for Scientific Computing



I am a student in the CDT in Computational Methods for Materials Science at Cambridge, currently working on a PhD in the Department of Engineering which is set to finish in autumn of 2018.

I graduated in 2014 from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in physics and in computer science. I also did an exchange year at the TU Munich from 2011-2012. My research so far has been in various applications of computing to physics: During a summer fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2013 I analyzed Monte Carlo simulations of nuclear reactors. During my last year at the U of M I worked on simulating genetic regulatory networks in cells. Now, in Dr. Gábor Csányi's research group, I am developing machine learning potentials for molecular simulations of hydrocarbons, which will enable us to predict the macroscopic properties (especially the viscosity) of any hydrocarbon mixture essentially from first principles, and at any temperature or pressure specified. This approach should be extensible to a wide variety of other molecular liquids. We therefore hope this research will pave the way for fast, quantum mechanically accurate simulations of a whole new class of materials.

CDT student 2014-15
Mr Max  Veit
Not available for consultancy