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The Centre for Scientific Computing

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Taught element overview

The taught element comprises courses supported by the MPhil on topics of all aspects of scientific computing, and additional lecture courses relevant to the topic of the research project. The student submits his/her choice of courses to the course administrator in writing (using the relevant form), by 12:00 noon on Monday the 4th October 2021, for approval by the academic committee. Amendment of the list at a later date is allowed, as long as it meets the course requirements, but any changes have to be sanctioned by the supervisor and the academic committee.

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Lectures Supported by the MPhil

List of the lecture courses currently offered by the MPhil in Scientific Computing. Please note: courses denoted by (E) are assessed by written examination papers. The code at the end of the lecture name represents the term and the number of lectures, i.e. [M10] = Michaelmas term, 10 lectures.

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Additional lecture courses

Links to the web pages of Part III & MASt courses at the University. Attending lectures or taking examination papers from these courses should be sanctioned by the project supervisor and the MPhil course director. Part III & MASt in Theoretical and Experimental Physics The link address is...