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The Centre for Scientific Computing


The examination results for the MPhil. are determined in September. Students must be available for the examiners' meeting.

The examiners for the MPhil in Scientific Computing meet in the third week of September.

An external examiner, who is an expert in the field of scientific computing, is appointed to review the coursework and the exam scripts, in order to moderate the marks awarded to ensure consistency between the different marking styles across this multi-disciplinary course.

All students must be available in the Department on the day of the examiners visit. It may be necessary to call the student for a short viva voce exam to confirm the mark that will be awarded to the student.

At the end of the meeting with the external examiner, a provisional list of marks is reached. These recommendations will then be considered by the Degree Committee of the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry which is the awarding body of the degree. Once confirmed by the Degree Committee, the marks will be entered onto the online CamSIS system and will be used to produce the official Transcripts at the end of the course.

The whole procedure can take some time so it is likely that the final outcome of the examination process will not be formally confirmed before the end of September and the detailed marks will not appear in CamSIS before the end of October.

Candidates should note that arrangements for the receipt of degrees are the responsibility of the Colleges, and that only candidates whose Colleges are able to present them may graduate at any particular congregation. The College will require proof that you are to be awarded the Degree of MPhil. They will see the degree has been awarded on CamSIS and they will also receive a copy of the approval email sent to the candidate by the Degree Committee.