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The MPhil Academic Committee values and very strongly encourages feedback from students on the performance of its academic and administrative staff and other aspects of the MPhil programme.

Unless they get feedback in a standardised form and from a statistically significant sample of the class the staff cannot determine how the quality of their provision is changing from year to year and from module to module and are severely hampered both in addressing problem areas and in meeting their objective of continuing quality improvement. The Course Administrator will contact the students with a University- approved polling system.

In addition to the formal mechanisms, informal feedback is welcome at any time and through any route (through student representatives, directly to the Coordinator of the course or to other staff members). Any serious or potentially serious problems should be communicated as quickly as possible so that action can be taken to correct them.

Course Liaison Committee

A course liaison committee will be established before the end of the academic year, allowing sufficient time for the student group to get to know each other and elect two student representatives. The committee will consist of the following:

  • The Course Director and Deputy Director
  • The Academic Administrator of the Department of Physics
  • Two student representatives (substitutes may attend in place of a course representative by prior agreement of the student group)
  • The Course Administrators
  • A representative from the previous cohort