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Progress monitoring

The progress of the students is continuously monitored during the practical sessions (Michaelmas Term) and by means of the reports of the course supervisors (part of the Cambridge supervision system). Their performance on the two written assignments offers another opportunity for assessment, approximately half way through the course calendar (March).

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Examination regulations

The Board of Examiners consists of the Academic Committee and the Course External Examiner. The Examiners will appoint assessors to help with the assessment of the written assignments and dissertations.

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Examination results

The examination results for the MPhil. are determined in September. Students must be available for the examiners' meeting.

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Student Feedback

The MPhil Academic Committee values and very strongly encourages feedback from students on the performance of its academic and administrative staff and other aspects of the MPhil programme.

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Course Diary

Most lecture courses take place in Michaelmas Term and written examinations take place in early Lent Term, but other course work is carried out throughout the year.

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Course Management

The MPhil. is managed by a Course Director, supported by administration staff. They should be your first port of call for any questions relating to the course requirements.

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In response to growing concerns over plagiarism in all University courses, each piece of submitted work must be accompanied by a standard cover sheet, including a signed declaration to the effect that the work is the student’s own unaided effort and meets the University’s guidelines and regulations on plagiarism. These guidelines are outlined below.